digit@L - digital learning and teaching at the University of Suttgart: Boost. Skills. Support.

The digit@L project’s three action measures boost, skills and support are funded by Stiftung Innovation in der Hochschullehre for three years.

The idea

As students set out with heterogeneous starting conditions, the digit@L project at the University of Stuttgart aims to support students in their individual learning process with digitally enriched teaching-learning formats and adaptive systems. On the one hand, the focus is on students in their important first year of study and on the target group-specific differentiation of introductory lecutres in digital settings. On the other hand, the University of Stuttgart is expanding the competence profile of students and teachers. 

The concept

In order to achieve these goals, didactic and (media) technical infrastructure for students and teachers will be interlinked more closely. This aspect will contribute to a culture of digital innovation. The project builds on the successes of previous projects and systematically analyzed experiences of the pandemic-related digital semesters. These successfully tested measures will be implemented with the help of BOOST, SKILLS, and SUPPORT. They will be sustainably anchored and used across disciplines, while at the same time there will be room for new concepts.

The action measures

  • Media library: Interdisciplinary explanatory media collection
  • Adaptive learning exercise collection
  • Video tutorials (labs)
  • Learning with digital media and tools
  • Data and machine learning
  • Technology-based worlds of experience
  • Teaching skills and feedback cycles
  • Establishing qualification certificates
  • Strengthening of media-didactic and  -technical support
  • Application lab for e-learning tools
  • Virtual network of makerspaces for students


This image shows Frank Gießelmann

Frank Gießelmann

Prof. Dr.
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Christina Kugler


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