Droplet Interaction Technologies

GRK 2160/2: DROPIT

The International Research Training Group (IRTG) DROPIT brings researchers of Germany and Italy together to work on droplet dynamics.

Team and Institutes

The International Research Training Group (IRTG) DROPIT is a collaboration between the universities of StuttgartBergamo and Trento. The IRTG has fifteen principal investigators. Around 15 doctoral researchers and several postdoctoral researchers are currently working together to solve droplet dynamics problems.

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DROPIT is a research training group focusing on the study of droplet interaction phenomena. The objective is to understand how micro-scale transport processes affect macroscopic flow properties in three  thematic research  areas (TAs): drop-gas interaction (TA-A), drop-wall interaction (TA-B) and drop-liquid interaction (TA-C). A key feature is the interdisciplinary approach, which envisages the synergic integration of experimental (X-ray micro-CT, micro-PIV), numerical (DNS, discontinuous Galerkin schemes, Direct Simulation Monte Carlo), and analytical methods (heat and mass transfer models for evaporation, interactions).

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Qualification Programme

The qualification programme fosters the development of each doctoral student into an independent researcher. Specialised courses impart knowledge in droplet-related topics, while soft skill courses train the doctoral researchers to conduct and present their research in an effective way. Visiting researchers and an international summer school complement the courses.

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This image shows Bernhard Weigand
Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Bernhard Weigand

Spokesman DROPIT, University of Stuttgart

This image shows Gianpietro Elvio Cossali
Prof. Dr.

Gianpietro Elvio Cossali

Spokesman for University of Bergamo

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