Team and Institutes

Here, you will find the partner universities and institutes involved in DROPIT, the principal investigators and the doctoral researchers.

Universities and Institutes

The universities participating in DROPIT are located in Stuttgart (Germany), Bergamo and Trento (Italy). Within these three universities, overall 8 departments are involved in DROPIT, with multidisciplinary fields such as thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, computer science, visualisation, etc.

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Principal Investigators

There are 15 principal investigators of DROPIT. Spokespersons are Prof. Bernhard Weigand (Institute of Aerospace Thermodynamics - Stuttgart) and Prof. Dr. Gianpietro Elvio Cossali (Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences - Bergamo).

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Team of Researchers

Currently, several postdoctoral researchers and around 15 doctoral researchers from Italy and Germany are working in three Thematic Areas (TAs): Droplet Interaction with gas (TA-A), with solid surfaces (TA-B), and with liquids (TA-C)

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Advisory Board

The advisory board is composed of members from academia and industry to monitor the progress and advice on the scientific development of the doctoral studies.

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This image shows Bernhard Weigand

Bernhard Weigand

Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Spokesman for DROPIT, University of Stuttgart

This image shows Gianpietro Elvio Cossali

Gianpietro Elvio Cossali

Prof. Dr.

Spokesman for University of Bergamo

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