Annual Program 2023 Poster

Join #KIdeasInMotion on May 2, 2024!

An Event for students by students at Campus Vaihingen

Our 2023/2024 annual program Talents Charlotte, Elias, Julius, Lukas and Tareq have organized a full-day event on the topic of AI.

Don't miss out and find out all information by clicking on the poster below:


Annual Program 2023

Navigating Change – New Solutions

The annual theme of the School for Talents supplies the framework for our program, and provides inspiration and input for our participants. In 2023, we will address “Navigating Change – New Solutions”.  Together, we will search for answers to complex challenges, and look for orientation in a fast-changing world in which multiple large-scale crises are happening at once. There is a lot at stake for future generations, and it is crucial to work on solutions to pressing issues in all realms of our lives. To do that, we will talk to experts and change-makers from science and society, to industry representatives and to peers. We will be supported by professional coaches and learn new methods that will open up space to approach topics creatively. In small teams and with the help of idea tool kits, students learn to apply techniques like design thinking to real-live problems. Participants will leave the program empowered to address the transformative potential of our times. They will have learned to face challenges in their professional and private lives through communication and by allowing time for reflection and questions.

School for Talents significantly improved my communication skills. Leading discussions in English in an international team and interacting with various groups during interviews helped me become more confident in expressing my ideas and understanding others.

Nestor Zasymenko, B.Sc. Information Systems, Participant, Annual Program 2023/2024
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