Poster Systems Reloaded - New Perspectives 2022

[…] School for Talents was an incredibly valuable and transformative experience. The program provided me with a wealth of knowledge and skills that will serve me well in my future endeavors.

Berkay Tanis, M.Sc. Electromobility, Participant, Annual Program 2022/2023

Annual Program 2022

Systems Reloaded – New Perspectives

The annual theme of the School for Talents functions as the point of reference for the participants of our program. In 2022, we will explore “Systems Reloaded – New Perspectives” as our thematic focus. We will engage in debates, question the status quo, work together in interdisciplinary teams, and discover innovative methods that foster curiosity and creativity. Our workshops and activities will address the multitude of systems that shape our daily lives, and their underlying concepts. This will request a willingness to discuss complex issues in a broad area of fields. Students will gain insights into and challenge the systems that shape science and academia, politics, economics, law and education, to name just a few. They will hear from experts and coaches, learn from their peers, and ultimately wonder which updates our systems need at this crucial moment in time to become future-proof.

“Systems Reloaded – New Perspectives” is inspired by the University of Stuttgart’s vision of “Intelligent Systems for a Sustainable Society”.  The School for Talents program will therefore tap into the expertise of its institutions and faculties – feel free to approach us for input, feedback, and with ideas for collaboration!

These are the Annual Program 2022 Student Teams

Team ConfideInUS on the Symposium Stage
Team ConfideInUS on the Symposium Stage

Making a contribution to simplifying the bureaucratic jungle a large institution like the university can sometimes be, our prototype application ConfideInUS seeks to assist students and employees of the university alike in effectively reporting issues and dysfunctionalities across the campus. The app provides feedback on the repair process and allows users to submit suggestions for further improvement. A few simple steps along the app's interface replace the previous deterrent of determining responsibilities and fishing for phone numbers - reports are grouped and redirected automatically.

Instead of redesigning the existing repair process with our project, we want to make the process more transparent. Transparency reduces frustration in case of stagnation while openly displaying deficiencies to increase pressure on people in charge. Unconventionally, the societal microcosm that is our university might need a preceding framework promoting change before any will for improvement can take root.

Let’s turn time spent reporting into time spent solving! Reach out, if you would like to take this project to the next level together with US.

Armin, Bachelor Physics
Jiahong, Bachelor Mechanical Engineering
Max, Bachelor English and History, Teaching Qualification
Marius, Bachelor Physics
Tim, Bachelor Mechatronics
Tobias, Bachelor Electrical Engineering

Our project – the app ener.gie – makes students aware of their own energy usage. The app lets students track their own energy usage and/or generation while at university. Additional incentives incorporated in the app design stimulate a more sustainable behavior by letting users compete with other users regarding their energy score.

All in all, ener.gie contributes to the development of sustainable habits in a fun, interactive, and engaging way.

Check out the various functions of ener.gie in the app prototype and reach out to discuss the idea with us!

Berkay, Master Electro mobility
Angelina, Bachelor English and Business Administration
Jiaxuan, Master Communication
Johanna, Bachelor Architecture
Sina, Bachelor Chemistry
Sudaksh, Master Electrical Engineering

We developed a smart delivery box – The NICE Box –, which allows packages to be dropped off and retrieved by customers either at central locations or at your own door. This allows delivery workers to fulfill their workload more efficiently by removing the need of climbing stairs and waiting for customers. At the same time, customers can receive packages safely while not being at home and get a notification on their smartphone.

All in all, our project leads to reduced mental stress and physical load for the delivery workers while also making the delivery process more convenient for customers!

Jakob, Bachelor Technical Cybernetics
Laurin, Aerospace Engineering
Fabio, Bachelor Bachelor Technical Cybernetics

With the focus on social and political systems, our aim is to increase political participation of young social media-savvy people. Through the course of the project period, we investigated how political decision-makers come to their decisions, and learned a lot about the obstacles for outsiders and citizens to understand decision-making processes. 

Based on field interviews, we developed ideas on the facilitation of constructive political exchange between citizens and politicians. In order to make decision-making transparent and engaging and decrease the threshold and prejudices of engaging with politicians we constructed an app – not unlike common social media platforms – PoliFix.

You can test PoliFix here.

Lisa, Master English Literature
Julia, Bachelor Food Chemistry
Gabriel, Bachelor Philosophy
Janne, Bachelor Data Science
Niklas, Bachelor Mathematics

School for Talents Symposium 2022/2023

Participants of the 2022/2023 Annual Program at the final Symposium
Participants of the 2022/2023 Annual Program at the final Symposium
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