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Annual Program 2022

Systems Reloaded – New Perspectives

The annual theme of the School for Talents functions as the point of reference for the participants of our program. In 2022, we will explore “Systems Reloaded – New Perspectives” as our thematic focus. We will engage in debates, question the status quo, work together in interdisciplinary teams, and discover innovative methods that foster curiosity and creativity. Our workshops and activities will address the multitude of systems that shape our daily lives, and their underlying concepts. This will request a willingness to discuss complex issues in a broad area of fields. Students will gain insights into and challenge the systems that shape science and academia, politics, economics, law and education, to name just a few. They will hear from experts and coaches, learn from their peers, and ultimately wonder which updates our systems need at this crucial moment in time to become future-proof.

“Systems Reloaded – New Perspectives” is inspired by the University of Stuttgart’s vision of “Intelligent Systems for a Sustainable Society”.  The School for Talents program will therefore tap into the expertise of its institutions and faculties – feel free to approach us for input, feedback, and with ideas for collaboration!

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