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Airbus Defence and Space Space Systems covers a broad range of civil and military space offerings. Its satellite solutions for telecommunications, earth observation, navigation and science include spacecraft, ground segments and payloads for institutional customers as well as the export market. It also manufactures orbital and space exploration systems. Space transportation capabilities (comprising launchers and services) are offered via ArianeGroup, a 50/50 Airbus-Safran joint venture.

Airbus Defence and Space supplies EO satellite systems including ground infrastructures for both civil and military applications. Customers can derive significant benefits from the common elements of Airbus Defence and Space civil and military observation solutions, which allow the collection of information for various applications, such as cartography, weather forecasting, climate monitoring, mineral, energy and water resource management, as well as military reconnaissance and surveillance. Airbus Defence and Space’s satellite-based services are essential in supporting sustainable agriculture. They provide insights enabling reduction in the use of Nitrates, and play a significant role in helping agroindustrials like Ferrero or Nestlé monitor adherence to their non-deforestation commitments. Satellite imagery also provides targeted information for disaster relief efforts, either through the Disasters Charter or the Copernicus Emergency services, to support rescue operations.

Airbus Defence and Space also produces scientific satellites and space infrastructure, which are tailor-made products adapted to the specific requirements of the mostly high-end missions assigned to them. Applications include astronomical observation of radiation sources within the Universe, planetary exploration and Earth sciences. Airbus Defence and Space designs and manufactures a wide range of highly versatile platforms, optical and radar instruments and equipment. For example, Airbus Defence and Space is on board all 12 Copernicus Environment missions past and future and in 2020 it launched the Sentinel-6 Ocean monitoring satellite that is part of this, the world’s largest climate monitoring programme. On the science side, as prime contractor, Airbus is currently manufacturing the JUICE spacecraft, ESA’s next life-tracker inside the Solar System. JUICE will study Jupiter and its icy moons. In 2020 it also secured a contract for the Earth Return Orbiter, the spacecraft that will return the first ever samples from Mars.

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