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Swabian Instruments was founded in 2016 by Helmut Fedder, Michael Schlagmüller, and Markus Wick with the goal of commercializing the new time tagging technology that the team had developed at the University of Stuttgart.

The founders had worked together on novel instrumentation for single-photon counting that they needed for their research. They had designed instrumentation that satisfied the demanding requirements posed by single-photon quantum physics applications. At the same time, the new system was so easy to use that new team members were able to work with it efficiently from day one. The first Time Tagger quickly became known within the research community worldwide and sparked the foundation of Swabian Instruments.

We are a test and measurement company headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. We develop and sell digital data acquisition and signal generation systems that are easy to use, performant, and packed with useful features. Our instruments empower scientists around the globe to perform groundbreaking research. With our Time Tagger Series, we are emerging as the technology leader in time-correlated single photon counting instrumentation. We are a growing and founder-led company.

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