School for Talents meets IntCDC: Systemic Relations of Recent World Conflicts

May 31, 2022

We kicked off the School for Talents season 2022/23, with an introductioary workshop focusing on our annual theme “Systems Reloaded – New Perspectives”. Our second cohort explored the method of systemic mapping under the guidance of Dr Marie Davidová, Independent Junior Research Group Leader at the Cluster of Excellence IntCDC of the University of Stuttgart. Marie is a registered architect in the UK and Norway, and a founding member and chair of Collaborative Collective practice design-research network NGO. She is further a founding and a board member of Systemic Design Association, as well as a founding member and auditor of Creative Systemic Research Platform Institute.

Marie chose “Systemic Relations of Recent World Conflicts” as the theme for the workshop with our students. The Talents first worked on and then presented their thoughts on this theme in individual mini-maps. In a second step, they were able to put the mini-maps together into three giga-maps. Check out how many recent world conflicts can be systematically put together from our Talent’s perspectives!

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