Our Learning-Space-Group visits ARENA2036

February 25, 2022

As part of the annual theme "Reimagining Spaces - New Utopias", my project group is taking a closer look at workspaces. One question is how to equip offices and learning spaces interactively and smartly. For this purpose, two members of our group visited ARENA2036 on the Vaihingen campus. ARENA2036 is short for "Active Research Environment for the Next generation of Automobiles". Companies that are involved in the ARENA2036 research campus work on contributions for the active design of work, mobility and production of the future in the context of digitalization. ARENA2036 is a great example of a space in which different professional perspectives, cultures and work approaches meet and complement each other.
The company ThingOS recognized the benefit of optimized workspaces for the collaboration of everybody involved at ARENA2036.  In October 2021, we had the chance to meet the company's CEO, Thomas Kubitza. Once you enter ARENA2036, you will note different kinds of workspaces, including a small group work area, individual workstations and video conferencing stations. ThingOS has added interactive accessories to these workstations. Their goal is to increase the various ways in which the modular equipment can be used. This includes, for example, the ability to access configurations of the workstations to adjust light settings and occupancy. Temperature and CO2 sensors ensure a personal feel-good atmosphere and a shielded group communication room enables intimate exchange within the open space plan of ARENA2036.
In an interesting exchange with Thomas Kubitza, we critically questioned the practical benefits and acceptance of various technical components by their intended users. Not all features convinced us. Nevertheless, we took away a variety of impulses for our project work, above all the idea of a workstation booking system. Our idea is now to transfer this concept to learning spaces at the university.

Ellen, B.Sc. Physics
Ronja, B.A History and English Studies
Benedikt, B.Sc. Aerospace engineering
Abdelwaheb, B.Sc. Aerospace engineering
Daniel, B.Sc. Engineering Cybernetics

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