Student networks

New contacts and participation in university life are crucial for a sense of belonging.

Studying together…

To make it easier for students to settle in at university, student networks are particularly helpful. Through these networks, students can connect easily and quickly with their fellow students and establish long-term contacts and friendships with like-minded people.

For first-generation students, such contacts can be essential for a successful course of studies, as they can give them a sense of belonging to the university. In addition, networking with other students can, at least to some extent, replace the network they might lack through their family background. Such a network can be very valuable when entering the job market, for example.

Furthermore, an additional opportunity for networking is offered by mentoring programs that enable first-year students to buddy up with already experienced students, thus making it easier for them to get started with their studies and their everyday lives at university. A later commitment as a mentor also offers first-generation students the opportunity to pass on their own experiences to other first-generation students.

Therefore, do not hesitate to encourage students to make use of the different types of student  networks and mentoring programs – both as mentees and as mentors.

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