Study financing

Financial support oftentimes provides the existential foundation for first-generation students.

Financing of studies...

In many cases, non-academic families are unable to provide the same amount of financial support for their children’s studies as academic families. Therefore, it is even more important to make first-generation students aware of other financing options such as BAföG, student loans and scholarships. Ideally, such financial advice should come as early as possible to provide the students with a stable financial basis so that they can fully concentrate on their studies.

In this regard, scholarships can be particularly highlighted, as many first-generation students are unaware that they may be eligible for a scholarship or are reluctant to apply. Do not hesitate to offer your assistance to students during the application process, for example, by providing a letter of recommendation.

The majority of first-generation students are dependent on having side jobs to finance their studies. With respect to this, you can also actively support students by drawing their attention to current job offers – for example as research assistants at your institute.

Below you will find a collection of information on various financing options.

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