Career entry

Students can already set a course for their future careers during their studies.

After graduation...

Similar to the start of their studies, the beginning of the students’ professional lives is a critical phase that is often accompanied by a lot of uncertainty and new challenges. In contrast to vocational training, which is usually aimed at a clearly defined occupational field, graduates with an academic degree often have a much wider range of job opportunities. However, such an abundance of career options can also be overwhelming for first-generation students who usually lack experience with the academic working environment, as well as a corresponding network in their direct social environment. Oftentimes students are unsure which career path to choose after graduation, some application procedures are complicated, and in many cases their family does not fully comprehend the variety of possible occupational fields or that even a career in academia is possible.

In this context, the University of Stuttgart offers students a range of career counseling services in terms of vocational orientation and further education, since students should start reflecting on their professional profile and further qualifications as early as possible.

This way, they can set a specific course for their career, e.g. through internships or extracurricular trainings, which improves their chances at career entry.

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