Important contacts for students

Throughout their studies, students might be confronted with difficult life situations. However, students don’t have to face these challenges on their own, as the University of Stuttgart offers a variety of support services.

Counseling services for support…

First-generation students, like all students, have very individual life realities. In addition to experiences of discrimination due to classism, participation in and success at university can be limited by other factors. For example, some first-generation students receive their university entrance qualification via second-chance education and at this point of time already have family obligations, such as caring for their own children or other family members. Similarly, chronic illnesses or disabilities can complicate everyday life at the university and, by overlapping with other aggravating factors, might even stand in the way of a successful completion of a degree.

Especially for such individual situations and challenges, additional support can be valuable. Therefore, the University of Stuttgart and collaborating organizations offer a range of counseling and support services students can make use of.

To be able to accept support in these kinds of situations, it is essential to know where to look for help, or which contact persons to turn to. The following list provides an overview of important contacts to which you can refer students in difficult situations.

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