Together with the MobiLab project, we are actively committed to sustainable mobility at the University of Stuttgart. Our focus is not only on the everyday mobility of students and employees, i.e., their journeys to and from the university but also on business trips. We use innovative approaches and proven strategies to make transportation more sustainable. From environmentally friendly means of transport to intelligent mobility solutions, we want to make how people move around more ecological and future-oriented. Learn more about how we drive sustainable mobility at the University of Stuttgart with an environmentally friendly and innovative focus.


Together with the project MobiLab, we are committed to sustainable mobility at the University of Stuttgart. The focus is on the everyday mobility of students and employees, i.e. the ways to and from the university, as well as business trips. On our website you will find all the information about what has already happened and what is still to come. Creative ideas, feedback and tips are always welcome. Please contact the mobility manager Luisa Hoffmann for this.


Main line closure 2023

July 29 to September 8, 2023

The digitalization of Stuttgart's S-Bahn main line is entering the next round: Deutsche Bahn (DB) is continuing the modernization of the inner-city tunnel route between Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof (tief) and Stuttgart-Vaihingen this year. The goal: to make the S-Bahn more efficient and reliable. For the modernization work, the section of tracks will have to be closed to train traffic again this year.

Information event Stuttgart-fährt-mit on 19.04.23

At our event, we will explain how employees and students can use the app to carpool with each other in an uncomplicated and flexible way. Those who join a carpool can use their time productively, save on travel costs, and do something good for the climate along the way. The app suggests suitable routes in the area, makes it possible to plan trips quickly and easily, and calculates a fair compensation for the driver. In addition, Manfred Wacker will explain the connection to MobiLab and the origins of the project at the information session.

Stadtradeln 2023

From May 8 to 28, 2023, Stuttgart is pedaling again. The aim is to cover as many daily journeys by bicycle as possible for 20 days in order to make a contribution to climate protection. The STADTRADELN campaign also wants to use the competition to draw attention to the needs of cyclists.

In 2022, employees and students of the University of Stuttgart accumulated 106,844 kilometers by bike during the three-week campaign period. In total, the University of Stuttgart saved around 16,454 kilograms of CO2 and was the most successful team in Stuttgart.

Cycle with us in 2023

If you would like to join in 2023, you can register on STADTRADELN. The University of Stuttgart is also participating again this year with its own team called "Universität Stuttgart". Interested parties can register now and join the university's team or even become part of a sub-team and thus compete against other groups internally.

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Luisa Hoffmann


Project manager corporate mobility management

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