We are committed to sustainable business and research travel!

Leading by example

...We know that we all have different framework conditions, both professionally and privately, but the air travel of university staff has also increased significantly due to the internationalization of teaching and research: Academics are among the frequent flyers!

Together with other initiatives and existing projects, we want to support our university in reducing air travel, which causes a significant part of the total greenhouse gas emissions. More information will follow soon...


The Erasmus+ program aims to become much more sustainable in the future and thus aims to not only raise awareness of sustainability, climate change and environmental protection, but also actively encourage participants to reduce their environmental footprint generated by their mobility abroad.

"In order to encourage students to choose a resource-saving travel method for their stay abroad, the Erasmus+ program will grant a Green top-up for sustainable travel to the amount of 50,- EUR on top of the regular Erasmus+ funding from 2022 onwards."

The condition is that participants travel to their exchange destination (and/or back from the host country) by train, bicycle, long-distance bus, carpool or by foot. It is also possible to extend the duration of your mobility grant by up to four days to account for the more time-consuming journey to and from your destination.

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