Digitalization Program

Step by step to digital processes

In the start-up phase of the 'Step by step to digital processes' program, three projects will be launched to provide IT support for administrative processes related to finance and human resources.

E-Government — Step by step to digital processes

There is great potential at the University of Stuttgart for how we can use IT support to make administrative processes more efficient, effective and secure. We are therefore launching a "Step by step to digital processes" program with the aim of gradually introducing lean, paperless administrative processes throughout the university. Chancellor and CIO of the university, representing the rectorate, do act as leaders of the program. Initially, the following projects were launched as part of this program.

  • Jan Gerken, Chancelor (chairmanship)
  • Dr. Simone Rehm, CIO (deputy chairmanship)
  • Prof. Manfred Berroth, speaker of the deans
  • Ulrich Gemkow, representative AKAM
  • Jörn Beutner, director TIK


This image shows Oliver Roll

Oliver Roll


Digitalization officer

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