Literature tips und links around Johannes Kepler.
[Photo: Patrick Pfeiffer]

Exhibition catalogue

In the context of the exhibition 'sky-bound', a companion volume with 32 essays was published in February 2022. The authors provide insights into Kepler's world of thought as a man and scientist on the threshold of modern times as well as his significance for current research topics in astrophysics and space travel. The printed version of the accompanying volume is available at the exhibition, at the Kepler Museum in Weil der Stadt, and at the local tourist information office.

Exhibition catalogue as pdf (in German)

Kepler's Collected Works, Bavarian Academy of Sciences

‚Kepler‘ a biography from Max Caspar

The biography of Kepler, written by Max Caspar (1880 - 1956), the translator of World Harmonics and other works of Kepler from the original Latin. Caspar devoted his life to the study of Kepler. In his biography of Kepler, he brings together religion, mathematics, astronomy, even a little astrology, and the eventful life of Kepler. The first edition was published in 1948.

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