Supporters and thanks

The exhibition 'sky-bound' is an initiative of the University of Stuttgart and the Kepler-Society e.V. Weil der Stadt. We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to all sponsors, and supporters of the exhibition. bedanken.

Thank you

At this point, we would also like to thank all those who contributed to the success of the exhibition in terms of content and concept:

  • The team of the carpentry workshop of the University of Stuttgart as well as the mechanical workshop at the Physics Institute of the University, without whom an exhibition on this scale would not be feasible at all.
  • Our hard-working students, who actively helped us in the run-up to the exhibition with the conception and construction of experimental stations (Sebastian Schikora) as well as with the creation of graphics and photo editing (Celina Brandes, Konrad Groß, Alina Olenberger).
  • Somnium - a project at the Jugendkunstschule Meersburg:  Ava and Susan Hösl, who, under the mentorship of Lutz E. Krause, illustrated Kepler's 'Somnium - The Dream or the Astronomy of the Moon' for the exhibition 'sky-bound'. Celina Brandes for animating the illustrations for 'Somnium'.
  • Speakers: Jan Beller, Anna Weise and Luisa Böse for recording the texts for Somnium, Solar Eclipse in Graz and Poems.
  • Experiment stations: Prof. Dr. Jan Burde and Lena Neuffer from the Didactics of Physics at the University of Tübingen for their contribution to experiment stations around the moon.
  • Prof. Dr. Ronny Nawrodt and his team from the Department of Physics and its Didactics at the University of Stuttgart.
  • Günter Holzhäuser, Manfred Schaaf, Thomas Geiger, Dennis Ottmar, Tom Kühnle (Bosch Feuerbach, CrazyLab) for the gear pump model.
  • Gaia: Apl. Prof. Dr. Stefan Jordan and Dr. Ulrich Bastian from the Astronomical Computing Institute at the Center for Astronomy at Heidelberg University.
  • Life around 1600: Prof. Dr. Sabine Holtz and Dr. Senta Herkle from the Institute of History, Department of Regional History at the University of Stuttgart, and all students who contributed content on 'Lebenswelt um 1600' as part of a Kepler exercise: Celina Lynn Arjona Holz, Francoise Arok, Moritz Beeching, Amelie Bieg, Alexandra Bönisch, Leo Bönisch, Sarah Mirjam Daseking, Matea Dujmic, Dominik Eitel, Simon Find, Hendrik Fleck, Christian Förg, Regina Fürsich, Laura Gebhardt, Valentin Glanz, Severin Grund, Leon Hermann, Luisa Marie Hochdorfer, Christoph Hubert, Eileen Krämer, Kuka, Sara, Marius Thomas Mayer, Alisa Mopils, Christian Müller, Lisa-Marie Neher, Elisabeth Röhr, Anna Roßberg, Valentin Rothaupt, Tim-Luka Schwab, Lisa Maria Speidel, Maximilian Straßer, Paul Vogel, Lisa Marie Waldmann.
  • Support with research, image material and photo session in the former Reichsstädtische Bibliothek Lindau: Markus Breitwieser
  • Kepler experts in the background: Dr. Friedrich Seck, Erich Meyer, Dr. Gerhard Rath
  • Uwe Zimmat from the HLRS of the University of Stuttgart for cinematic support
  • Graphic design: Lutz E. Krause, Yvonne Schickardt, Annabel Hausler
  • Photos: Patrick Pfeiffer
  • Text consulting: Oliver Schmaering
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