Lectures and a show in the planetarium in the accompanying program, an animated film and a music installation in the exhibition – ‚sky-boundd‘ has much to offer.

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Somnium – Kepler's dream of the moon

As part of a project at the Jungendkunstschule Bodenseekreis under the mentorship of Lutz E. Krause, two students of the preliminary design course, Ava and Susan Hösl have imaginatively illustrated Kepler's dream of a journey to the moon especially for the exhibition 'himmelwärts'. Celina Brandes brought the illustrations to life. The actors Jan Beller and Anna Weise have recorded the texts.

© Ava & Susan Hösl

New composition ‚Long distance relationship’

Students from the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Stuttgart have composed a new piece especially for the exhibition 'himmelwärts' - 'Fernbeziehung'. Brandon Lincoln Snyder, Alex Waite, Delia Ramos Rodríguez and Clémence Martel have taken a closer look at Kepler's long-distance relationships.

Electronic sounds fill the space, 'orbiting' in accordance with Kepler's laws of planetary motion and symbolizing Kepler's long-distance relationship with the planets. At the same time, these actual sounds reflect the music of 17th-century Tübingen, Kepler's place of study - a song of remembrance of this second, more personal long-distance relationship, of a place and time that shaped him for his later life and to which he yearned to return. His wish for a professorship in Tübingen, however, remains denied to him throughout his life. 

The premiere took place as part of the Kepler soiree 'himmelwärts' on September 20, 2022 in Weil der Stadt.

Kepler Soiree

On September 20, 2022 we presented the Kepler soiree 'skybound', which unfortunately had to be cancelled in February due to corona.

Mathematics professor and cabaret artist Timm Sigg led through the program. Stefan Gillessen from the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in Garching gave a talk on "Kepler, Einstein, and the discovery of the Black Hole in the center of the Milky Way". Also on the program Kepler's poems and music from his time as well as the premiere of a new composition by students of the State University of Music and Performing Arts in Stuttgart, who have composed a piece especially for the exhibition 'skybound' - 'Long distance relationship'.


Klösterle, Kapuzinerberg 11, Weil der Stadt on via live stream

Mysterium Cosmographicum


‚Dem Bauplan Gottes auf der Spur - Auf Zeitreise zu Johannes Kepler‘

Prof. Dr. Burkhard Kümmerer, TU Darmstadt

This lecture (in German) took place in the past. New dates will be announced here.

Johannes Kepler revolutionized the view of the world. He broke the crystal spheres on which the planets had been moving for more than 2,000 years and replaced them with ellipses; he calculated the harmony of the spheres, which Pythagoras claimed to have heard, and for almost 200 years his astronomical tables were guideposts for the course of the stars, for there were no better ones.
Based on observation and mathematical calculation, Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) sought with genius and perseverance to fathom God's blueprint for the world.

He embodies like no other the step from the world of humanism and the Renaissance over to the mathematical-scientific world view of modern times. We want to accompany him on this step.

Show ‚Explore!‘

Bild: Planetarium Stuttgart

EXPLORE! MIT KEPLER INS ALL - with Kepler into space

This planetarium show provides a powerful and impressive visual representation of how Kepler's findings are used in modern space travel to fly through the solar system. The view of the magnificent night sky is integrated into the show and uses the display capabilities of the opto-mechanical star projector in the center of the domed hall in combination with the new fulldome technology.Diese Planetariumsshow zeigt bildgewaltig und eindrucksvoll, wie Keplers Erkenntnisse in der modernen Raumfahrt für den Flug durch das Sonnensystem verwendet werden. Der Blick auf den prachtvollen Nachthimmel ist in die Vorführung integriert und verwendet die Darstellungsmöglichkeiten des opto-mechanischen Sternenprojektors in der Mitte des Kuppelsaales in Kombination mit der neuen Fulldome-Technik.

Location:  Planetarium

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