Collection box for cell phones, smartphones and tablets

stuvus: Collection campaign of old mobile phones, smartphones and tablets from January 17 to 28

January 17, 2022

Over the years, the number of old mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and their accessories in our drawers rises. Some devices still work, but their technology is long outdated; others are broken and just haven't found their way to a disposal station yet. We, the stuvus sustainability department, would like to relieve all members of the university of finding a suitable use or a professional repair or disposal.

Therefore, we launch a collection campaign that takes place from January 17, until January 28. For this purpose, we set up collection boxes (see photograph) at the campuses in Vaihingen and in the city center in which old devices can be placed (regardless of their functionality). We will collect the boxes and send them to NABU (Naturschutzbund Deutschland). NABU works together with Telefónica Deutschland Group and the non-profit organization AfB (Arbeit für Menschen mit Behinderung) to either repair or recycle old mobile phones, smartphones and tablets including their accessories.

In the case of a possible repair, the smartphones and tablets are then marketed within Europe; in the case of recycling, the raw materials are fed into the material cycles for reuse. Part of the income goes to the NABU insect protection fund which supports projects protecting domestic insects. In order to give as many devices as possible a new purpose, please ask your family and friends.

The location of the boxes:

  • Campus Vaihingen: Canteen, Cafeterias
  • Campus Stadtmitte: Canteen
Collection box for cell phones, smartphones and tablets
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