Prof. Wolfram Ressel, Winfried Hermann and Peter Pätzold at the bike station

RegioRad opens up Vaihingen Campus

September 2, 2020

An important step towards achieving the goal of an emission-free campus
[Picture: Regenscheit]

The University of Stuttgart is making its large campus in Vaihingen optimally accessible with nine RegioRad stations. On September 2, 2020, the Rector of the University of Stuttgart, Prof. Wolfram Ressel, declared the fourth station ready for use along with Baden-Württemberg Minister of Transport Winfried Hermann and Mayor of Stuttgart Peter Pätzold. More than 70 bikes and pedelecs will be available in future.

“I am pleased that the RegioRad bikes will make it easier for students and members of staff at the Vaihingen Campus to get around in future, and will make the campus an even livelier place”, said Wolfram Ressel. An attractive, lively campus with an intelligent infrastructure creates a favorable environment for university studies, teaching and research and makes students and members of staff identify more with their university, Ressel went on to say. “I’d like to thank the student council stuvus for their commitment to incorporating RegioRad into the MobiLab project and bringing it to the campus,” said Ressel. Philipp Buchholz, mobility spokesman at the student council at the University of Stuttgart, added: “It’s a big campus and a lot of places can’t be reached with public transport, so the bikes are very useful”.

Talking about the new bike rental stations, Minister of Transport Winfried Hermann stresses: “It is important that the university doesn’t just research the topics of the future, but also lives the everyday life of the future as well.” Hermann says that the bike rental stations are a prime example of the initiative shown by students at the University of Stuttgart.

Mayor Peter Pätzold spoke about the example set by the Vaihingen Campus, which is part of what will soon be two hundred stations in the Stuttgart region, for the City of Stuttgart as a client of RegioRad.

In his closing statement, stuvus Chairman Christopher Behrmann called on people to “get pedaling together for the mobility of the future.”

The RegioRadStuttgart bike rental stations are part of the MobilLab project at the University of Stuttgart, which aims to turn the campus into an emission-free research and development laboratory. MobilLab is designed as a versatile test laboratory, which combines new forms of transportation facilities, novel modes of transport such as for example e-scooters, forward-looking electric drive systems as well as intelligent energy storage and energy distribution systems.

Prof. Wolfram Ressel, Winfried Hermann, Peter Pätzold and Philipp Buchholz at the bike station
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