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The Agility Lab

Excellent support for excellent science.

The Agility Lab is the central point of contact for agile working, new work and innovative event and space concepts at the University of Stuttgart. We stand for agile science management and are pioneers for the agile transformation of the University of Stuttgart.
[Photo: University of Stuttgart/Uli Regenscheit]

The logo of the Agility Lab

The Agility Lab is an innovative project at the University of Stuttgart, as a service provider for administration and institutes, located as a start-up within the university at the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Science (ENI).

Together with partners from science, administration and industry, we are looking for innovation potentials for agile administrative action and agile organizational forms. We generate project ideas, develop prototypes, and test new methods, software, and forms of work and communication.

Agility Lab goals:

  • The further development of work processes and structures
  • The improvement and acceleration of everyday work processes
  • Provide support for the further establishment of the service concept in the central administration.

The Agility Lab is financed by the DFG “Universitätspauschale” of the two clusters of excellence SimTech and IntCDC, which were acquired by the University of Stuttgart.

Excellent support for excellent science.

Agility Lab's purpose

Agility Lab tasks:

We promote the exchange between colleagues from science and the science-supporting area through agile communication formats.

We want to support people and their projects with agile methods and tools in order to create something new and unifying together.

Together we want to change the daily work routine at the university and live this change.

The Agility Lab focuses its activities on these three areas:


This image shows Ulrich Fries

Ulrich Fries


Science Manager

This image shows Anna-Maria Kubelke

Anna-Maria Kubelke


Science Manager

This image shows Martin Rost

Martin Rost


Science Manager

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