Podcast: Hanaa Dahy on Sustainable Architecture

February 25, 2022 /

In the podcast with Dr. Wolfgang Holtkamp, Prof. Hanaa Dahy talks about her journey in the field of architecture to sustainable building materials

Dr. Wolfgang Holtkamp, Senior Advisor International Affairs, meets with scientists, alumnae and alumni, staff and students of the University of Stuttgart. The conversations are not only about the current work of the interview guest, but also about their personality, inspiration and career.

All guests have in common that they have learned or worked at the University of Stuttgart or are currently doing so, i.e. they are "Made in Science". How did they become what they are?  Looking back, what would they do differently? Would they prefer Spaetzle or Maultaschen? Holtkamp asks these and other exciting questions.

The Egyptian wants to anchor intelligent materials in architecture. She followed the usual career path of an architect until an event in her home country opened her eyes. From then on, Hanaa Dahy became interested in sustainable building. A composite material made of straw that she developed won several awards. As an assistant professor and head of the Department of Biomaterials and Material Cycles in Architecture (BioMat) at the University of Stuttgart, she enables architecture students to develop components for buildings that are sustainable and intelligent.


Podcast with Hanaa Dahy

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