26. September until 13. October 2023

City Hall Stuttgart
Market Place 1
70173 Stuttgart

Admission to the exhibition and the supporting program is free.

Simulated Reality - How Bytes, Formulas and Computer Models Improve the World

The world of science has changed dramatically in recent decades. Today, many experiments no longer take place in real laboratories, but are simulated virtually on the computer. Today's research is hardly conceivable without simulations. The same is true for everyday life. There is hardly an area in which one does not come into contact with simulations today: weather forecasts, climate simulations, population development, election forecasts, spread of infections - to name just a few examples. Simulations make it possible to use simplified models to reproduce processes and facts, to imitate them realistically and thus to be able to make predictions about them. So simulations are important, but everything associated with them sounds quite abstract and incredibly far away.

Science exhibition with the detective duo Sim & Tech

This is where the Cluster of Excellence SimTech of the University of Stuttgart in cooperation with the City of Stuttgart comes in. Under the slogan "Knowledge Meets City", the science exhibition "Simulated Reality - How Bytes, Formulas and Computer Models Improve the World" provides a playful insight into the world of virtual experiments. Interactive stations invite visitors to try things out and explore. The aim of the exhibition is to make the abstract topic of "simulation science" accessible to a broad audience and, above all, to make complex simulation processes tangible for high school students using simplified exhibits. The detective duo Samantha Sim and Tony Tech will additionally accompany visitors through the entire exhibition, which can also be experienced and expanded using an app (but of course also offline).

Admission to the exhibition and the supporting program is free.

Supporting program

Workshops, lectures, guided tours and a special event will be held as part of the "Simulated Reality" exhibition.

Click here for the program.

Exhibition venue - Stuttgart City Hall

The Stuttgart City Hall is located directly in front of the market square in Stuttgart Mitte and is the seat of Stuttgart's city administration. Inside, there are three paternoster elevators that are open to the public. Every day at 11:06, 12:06, 14:36 and 18:36, a carillon with Swabian folk songs rings out from the 60.5 meter high city hall tower.

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