QSens - Quantum Sensors of the Future

BMBF future cluster "QSens - Quantum Sensors of the Future"

Almost 100 years after its formulation, quantum physics is about to make the leap into everyday social life. In the Württemberg region, quantum sensors are to be researched in the future cluster QSens and transferred to the market in close cooperation between research and industry.
[Photo: Ingmar Jakobi / Universität Stuttgart]

What makes the future cluster special?

QSens is dedicated to the development of quantum sensors, a new technology in the field of measurement technology and sensor technology that has a sensitivity on the edge of what is theoretically possible. This new type of sensors can be used, for example, in medical technology, autonomous navigation and renewable energies. Quantum sensors are still in their infancy. Promising prototypes have been tested in the first successful feasibility studies, and this is exactly where QSens comes in: Based on the results of basic research, the future cluster finalist is working on the field in an interdisciplinary manner with partners from the natural and engineering sciences and industry.

What are the advantages of the approach for Germany as a location for innovation?

In the broad field of quantum technologies, quantum sensors promise to produce the first industrially relevant applications. In addition to research on quantum sensors and related quantum technologies, the focus at QSens is on creating a regional ecosystem for the future industrial production of quantum sensors and thus occupying the topic area for Germany at an early stage.


This image shows Jens Anders

Jens Anders

Prof. Dr.

Spokesman QSens

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