The Sharing-Plattform for Erasmus students collects items on campus

March 9, 2022

Time: March 9, 2022
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As part of the School for Talents annual program "Reimagining Space - New Perspectives", we want to launch a sharing platform for Erasmus students. For this purpose, we are looking for donations which we will pass on to the next incoming Erasmus students.

WHEN: Wednesday, March 9th 14.00- 16.00

WHERE: Foyer Pfaffenwaldring 47, Campus Vaihingen

WHAT: Kitchen items and bedding

WHAT NOT: Electrical appliances, furniture, clothing

WHAT IS THE SHARING PLATFORM? The principle behind the sharing platform is that Erasmus students have to buy a lot of things during their short stay, which they then cannot take home at the end. We want to prevent that these things end up in the trash and that the newly arriving Erasmus students have to buy these things again. Therefore, we want to collect the items before the students go home and hand them out to the new incoming students.

It would be great if you send us a short note if you want to donate something or have any questions (


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