Read the winner essays of the ELECTRIC DREAMS creative writing contest

September 12, 2022

During the first module of our current annual program “Systems Reloaded – New Perspectives”, our participants had the pleasure of spending time with Dr. Curtis Runstedler from the English Literature department at the University of Stuttgart for an inspiring workshop on "Literary Narratives as Tools for Critical Reflections upon Intelligent Systems."

The discussion of Philip K. Dick’s classic novella "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" served as an invitation for our students to submit stories for a creative writing contest, with the purpose of engaging writers with interdisciplinary ideas about robots and AI in literature. 

It wasn’t easy to pick the winners among the wonderful entries Curtis received. Nevertheless, here they are! See for yourself which new worlds our students created!

Read “A Mayfly in the Wind” by Jiaxuan He, “Electric Speech” by Angelina Kible, and “Everlasting Promise” by Lisa Rosenberger.

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