Felix Hebeler

My name is Felix Hebeler, and since May 2023 I have been leading the Green Office at the University of Stuttgart. I graduated as a biologist and geographer at the University of Giessen and subsequently received my PhD in Geographical Information Systems and Environmental Modeling from the University of Zurich.

In addition to the ecological view of sustainability during my studies, I added the economic aspect through my work as a consultant and supervisor for corporate environmental protection and sustainability in various international companies. As a trained mediator and auditor, communication, shaping change, communicating knowledge and empowerment are other areas of interest in my work.

To really integrate sustainability into everyday life and work and to achieve climate protection goals is a challenge. In my view, this requires bringing together a spirit of innovation, improving awareness and education, a willingness to make personal changes and shape society, and above all, engaging in open-ended discourse with curiosity, enthusiasm and optimism. And where would this be possible better than at the University of Stuttgart with its innovative and practice-oriented research, interdisciplinary teaching and many thousands of motivated students, scientists, lecturers and staff?

Luisa Hoffmann

My name is Luisa Hoffmann and I have been working as a mobility manager in the Green Office at the University of Stuttgart since November 2022. In addition, I am doing my PhD in media science on ecogames, which can support the understanding of climate change in a playful way. My vision for the future is to advance climate protection in science and to counteract climate change on a social, ecological and economic level.

Brigitte Lorenz

I am Brigitte Lorenz. I studied biology at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern, where I also completed my doctorate. Afterwards, I completed further training as an environmental consultant and spent several years advising industrial and trade companies on environmental protection and environmental management. Since May 2014, I have been working at the University of Stuttgart. At the university's high-performance computing center, I made a significant contribution to the development and implementation of a sustainability concept and an environmental management system. In mid-June 2021, I joined the Green Office. Here, as a sustainability manager, I would like to primarily promote climate protection as well as sustainable actions and thinking. In my free time, I like to garden, read a lot, sing and play the guitar.

Emilija Blagojević

I am studying architecture and urban planning at the University of Stuttgart and have been a student assistant in the Green Office since September 2021. The topic of sustainability has accompanied me through my studies for years. Working at the Green Office now lets me actively contribute to change. As part of the PR team, I want to raise awareness of the topic through social media and motivate people to get involved themselves for a more sustainable future.


Charlotte Toulouse

As an advisor to the Vice Rector for Research, I have been able to accompany a number of initiatives in the area of sustainability at the University of Stuttgart in recent years. This also included the establishment of the Green Office, for which we were able to win the SCHAUFLER FOUNDATION as a sponsor. Personally, I am also very happy about this, as sustainability is close to my heart being a biologist, enthusiastic mountain bike rider and hobby gardener. I am sure that our university members together with the Green Office will initiate many new projects to make the campus and the university more sustainable and I am looking forward to what is to come.

Harald Hentze

My name is Harald Hentze, I studied electrical engineering at DHBW Stuttgart and have been the energy manager at the University of Stuttgart since 2008. With numerous projects that I have initiated and implemented over the last few years, the university has been able to save several million euros in energy costs. Successful advertising campaigns in recent years have shown that supporting employees and students in the sustainable use of energy have also played an important part. I am pleased that, with the establishment of the Green Office, the university has now gained a strong team to competently address and implement further sustainability issues.


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